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The Harmony Singers are a non-profit group that performs musical shows and choral presentations for charitable causes.  The Harmony Singers range in age from early 20's to mid 70's, both men and women, who enjoy singing, dancing, and doing comedy.  The members are teachers, engineers, nurses, counselors, bus drivers, bank/city executives, interior designers, housing managers, salespeople, and retired persons.

Past performances have included shows, both small and large, at retirement communities, church group functions, and local schools, in addition to occasionally performing the national anthem at Riverhounds soccer and Pirates baseball games.  Historically the big event for the Harmony Singers has been the annual spring show, held last year at Chartiers Valley Intermediate School.  The spring show features a different collection each year of musical numbers and dance routines ranging from Broadway and big band to classic and contemporary popular music.

The Harmony Singers are available to perform for your civic, social, church or business group.  Also, new members are always welcome to join and share in the fun!


Harmony Singers Annual Show

The Harmony Singers of Pittsburgh presented their 47th annual spring show at the Chartiers Valley Intermediate School, 2030 Swallow Hill Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15220.

This year’s show was titled, “Let’s Get Away From It All,” it combined songs that featured different modes of transportation and vacation escapes. Selections from the show included “Come Fly With Me,” “Come Sail Away,” and “Kokomo.”

While the Harmony Singers is primarily a choral group, their annual show included several choreographed numbers and a tap dance.

Cynthia G. Pratt is the choral director; Carol Karl is the accompanist.

A free-will collection was taken after each performance for the benefit of the Watchful Shepherd USA. The charity works with families to prevent child abuse.

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